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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Is Scott Panetti's Severe Mental Illness Enough to Stop his Execution?

    Earlier this month, the State of Texas was scheduled to execute Scott Panetti. Panetti was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in 1994 for the murders of his mother and father in-law, Amanda and Joe Alvarado. On September 8, 1992, Panetti went to the Alvarado's home in Fredericksburg where he shot and killed them with a sawed-off rifle. The murder took place in front of his wife and ...
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  • San Antonio Cell Phone Ban for Drivers Takes Effect January 1, 2015

    On November 6, San Antonio's City Council unanimously passed an ordinance banning the use of handheld devices while driving. The Council cited safety concerns as its primary justification for the ban. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT), distracted driving contributed to over 90,000 vehicle accidents in 2013. There is currently a statewide ban on cell phone use in school ...
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  • Flashing Lights to Warn of Speed Traps is Free Speech

    There were two interesting cases earlier this year that many drivers can relate to. Both cases involved drivers who flashed their headlights to oncoming cars to warn them of speed traps. A speed trap is the name given to areas on the road where police or state troopers park their vehicles, presumably to catch motorists for speeding. Many drivers find speed traps unfair and sometimes openly alert ...
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  • Explaining the Warrant Requirement for Blood Alcohol Tests in Texas

    No one doubts that drunk driving is a terrible practice. Still, measures taken by the State of Texas to deter drunk driving continue to face uncertainty. Recent court cases have mainly focused on whether police officers are required to obtain a warrant before submitting suspects to blood alcohol tests. In 2009, the State legislature amended Section 724.012 of the Transportation Code to permit ...
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  • What You Need To Know About Cell Phone Tracking

    Law Enforcement & Cell Phone Tracking: When Communication is Not So Private Smartphone technology has permanently changed the way that people stay connected with one another. But like all advances in technology, there have been some unintended consequences. As criminals find new ways to exploit this technology, law enforcement agencies are also finding themselves searching for new ways to keep up. ...
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  • Can San Antonio Police Search My Phone Without A Warrant?

    The Supreme Court, the Fourth Amendment, and the iPhone6 In June 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court answered an important question about how to apply the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches in the era of smart phone technology. In Riley v. California , the Court held that when an individual has been lawfully arrested, police must first obtain a warrant before searching the ...
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  • Frank Mata Field at the Edgewood Veteran's Sports Complex: A Victory For All

    Sports has the power to accomplish great things. It can break down the thickest barriers that divide us from one another. Over fifty years ago, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente gave us a vision of a society where people are judged on their abilities, hard work, and perseverance. Just last week, Michael Sam, a football player from the University of Missouri, became the first NFL prospect to ...
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  • New Weapon in the Fight Against Wrongful Convictions

    One day you are approached by a Detective and he questions you about a criminal investigation. You’re a suspect in a murder but you know you didn’t do it. You tell your attorney, your family, and the police. You’re forced to take this case to trial. The jury ultimately convicts you with the evidence presented but years down the line technology changes. This new technology is applied and it ...
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  • Reduce San Antonio DWI Fines & Penalties

    If you plead guilty or if you are convicted when fighting a Texas DWI arrest, here are some things to consider. Even if this is your first-time DWI, DUI, or drunk driving conviction, the consequences can be very serious and negatively impact your life. Special attention should be taken if you have prior Texas DWI drunk driving-related convictions on your record. When fighting a first, second, ...
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  • Discovering Evidence in Criminal Cases

    The Michael Morton Act Ensures an Even Playing Field Between Prosecution and Defense In 1986, Christine Morton was found brutally beaten and murdered in her home near Austin. The following year, her husband, Michael Morton, was convicted and received a life sentence for the crime. Morton spent 25 years in prison until a 2011 DNA test implicated another man, Mark Allan Norwood. Morton was formally ...
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  • Seal Your Criminal Record by Non-Disclosure.

    In October, we posted an article on Deferred Adjudication and listed some of the pros and cons of entering into that contract with the State. Now we want to give you a “Full-Disclosure” on your eligibility for a Non-Disclosure (seal your criminal record) and provide a sample petition to seal your criminal record via download from our site. Scenario 1: I am arrested for a Felony Offense. I take ...
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  • Why Legislation Interferes With a San Antonio Strip Club Dancer's Rights?

    It’s my body and I can show it if I want to, right? We recently spoke to a San Antonio entertainer about the restrictive nature of legislation and what she had to say resonates with most entertainers in San Antonio. The human body is beautiful, why should we hide it? However, restrictive San Antonio legislation is in play that prevents a woman from displaying the most beautiful parts of her body, ...
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