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Drug charges are some of the most commonly charged crimes in Texas since law enforcement within the state has taken an aggressive stance concerning the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and use of controlled substances.

From handling a small amount of a substance such as marijuana to being accused of a large drug trafficking ring, involvement in a drug crime has the chance to stay with you for the remainder of your life. If you have been accused of this crime, you need to be sure that your rights and freedoms are protected with the help of a San Antonio drug crime lawyer. He has handled over 100 cases.

Do not wait until prosecutors make the first move. Call The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. to learn your potential defense options at this time.

  • Benefits of Choosing Guillermo Lara
  • You are tirelessly defended by a results-oriented attorney.
  • You get a free, initial case evaluation for a professional opinion on your case.
  • You have direct access to a lawyer who stays available and responsive at all times.
  • You receive aggressive defense strategies focused on obtaining long-term results.

Get Battle-Tested Defense on Your Side

If you are facing charges for a drug-related offense, you can count on our San Antonio drug crime attorney to relentlessly advocate on your behalf and tirelessly work to help you reach the outcome you desire. Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr. can advocate on your behalf,

The experienced legal team at The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. is highly knowledgeable. Contact Us at our San Antonio office today for a FREE consultation!

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Can you handle my drug crime charge?

Attorney Lara understands the legal process can be complex, which is why he's dedicated to helping you. As a drug crime attorney, he has the experience and resources to improve your case. Whether the results of your test show drug use, he can help draw out the flaws and work to support your case. Since no two drug crimes are the same, you need a reliable attorney that is able to craft a personalized response to fit your needs.

Penalties for drug crimes can range from a misdemeanor to federal offense. Due to the severity of punishment, it's important you reach Attorney Lara. Being sentenced to jail for a drug crime not only affects you, but your family as well. As a drug crime lawyer, Attorney Lara doesn't want to see your family torn apart.

Call on Attorney Lara to Fight for You Today

When it comes to aggressively defending individuals charged with drug crimes, The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. is the firm you can feel confident hiring. Our experienced drug crime defense lawyer has a proven track record of success and is not afraid of the justice system. Attorney Lara takes a results-driven approach to every case that he takes on, and he analyzes every detail to help improve the chances of a successful case.

From the beginning of your case, he takes on an aggressive approach to work towards favorable results. During your free consultation, he provides you his undivided attention so he can understand every detail of your situation as well as review incident reports. If you're in custody, he diligently works to help get you out as soon as possible. He does everything from collecting witness statements to hiring a private investigator.

Call Attorney Lara at (210) 787-2842​ to help keep your freedom and rights protected.