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Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • Children Arrested in School- The Fallout

    Tackling Texas’ School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Closer Look at Senate Bill 393 This year, the State legislature decided to tackle one of the most alarming developments in Texas public schools: the so-called, school to prison pipeline. The term describes a trend in schools all over the state in which students are charged with criminal offenses for behavioral issues that could be dealt with outside of ...
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  • Extra, Extra, Read All About It...

    We have gathered a list of new changes that went into effect beginning September 1, 2013. Take a look and check if any of these changes have an immediate impact on your day to day routine. New Texas Laws Affecting You To all those women or men that love to get spray tanned, please leave your underage children at home. I personally find spray tans weird, but beauty is in the eye of the sprayed… I ...
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  • With Red Light Cameras, Awareness Makes a Huge Difference

    San Antonio drivers are becoming increasingly aware that red light cameras are things to avoid. But there are many questions about what red light cameras look like, and why red light cameras exist that remain unanswered. For example, do red light cameras really make drivers safer, or are they just a way for cities to get more money? There are no clear answers to these questions, but knowing a ...
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  • Why Miley Cyrus Can "Sing What She Wants." Simple- The First Amendment.

    Our First Amendment Right gives all of us a right to express ourselves and to express ourselves without the government sticking their nose in our business. This is what the First Amendment is all about. In fact, the rap group N.W.A. sang about it in their 1988 video . If "the man" interferes with this First Amendment Right, then "he" better justify it. By now you are either thinking that this is ...
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  • Need for Transparency Surrounding Das Pretrial Diversion Program

    In June 2013, District Attorney Susan Reed openly discussed the possibility of implementing a pretrial diversion program in Bexar County. While most major cities in Texas already have such programs in place, the Bexar County program would be the first of its kind. Pretrial diversion programs offer defendants the possibility of having their cases dismissed. Unfortunately, more attention has been ...
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  • Contempt Or Not, That Is The Question?

    Understanding the Essence of Court Contempt In October of 2012, I had a criminal trial in a County in Texas. Back then, my only exposure to contempt was My Cousin Vinny . I didn't fully understand the Texas rules of contempt, until I was dealing with it for myself. Let me give you a little background. The October trial was a heated trial against the County's District Attorneys Office. During this ...
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