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Facing DWI Charges in Texas?

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When your driver's license, livelihood, and liberty are all on the line because of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, it's important that you immediately retain the services of an experienced and dedicated San Antonio DWI lawyer.

The consequences of a DWI charge can last a lifetime. A conviction could:

  • Derail your career
  • Take away your freedom
  • Harm your finances
  • Stay on your criminal record.

While you may feel like you are backed into a corner, a skilled attorney can challenge the evidence against you and come up with a viable defense to these claims. Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr. personally investigates and handles every case, and our firm charges a single flat fee, with affordable payment plans available. Attorney Lara has handled hundreds of criminal cases in Texas, and he is particularly skilled in obtaining successful results in DWI cases.

  • Recent Case Results:
  • DWI 2 nd Offense: Case Dismissed
  • DWI with .154 BAC: Case Dismissed

Real Client Testimonial: “My husband was in Bexar County Jail for two months on a third DWI. We hired Mr. Lara right away and regret not going with him sooner. Mr. Lara prepared everything for us and was able to get my husband out of jail and on probation” – Former Client

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Can Prescription Medication Lead to a DWI

There are many misconceptions surrounding a charge of driving while intoxicated. One of the common mistakes many people make when thinking about DWI is that only someone under the influence of alcohol can be arrested. Any driver that is under the influence of any substance that impairs their ability to drive a car may be arrested for DWI, even if that substance is prescription medication.

While prescription medication is prescribed by a doctor to help you treat a symptom, these drugs are still considered controlled substances, meaning that they have a limited scope of use. They are listed as controlled substances usually because they affect the normal function of your body in some way. If you are taking prescription drugs and driving a vehicle, you may be charged with DWI.

For an alcohol-related DWI, law enforcement can use your blood alcohol content (BAC) to prove that you were intoxicated. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure the amount of drugs that must be in a driver’s bloodstream before they are considered to be too impaired to drive. Therefore, police must prove that your mental or physical abilities were impaired by taking the prescription medication.

If you have been lawfully arrested and are under the influence of medication, you may be facing:

First DWI

  • 180 days in jail
  • $2,000 fine

Second DWI

  • One year in jail
  • $4,000 fine

Third DWI

  • 10 years in prison
  • $10,000 fine

In addition, a judge may decide to order you to:

  • Install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle
  • Serve community service
  • Attend DWI school
  • Suspend your license
  • Ensure you have a criminal record

If you have been arrested after driving under the influence of prescription medication in San Antonio, you need the help of a reliable DWI defense attorney that can help you. Attorney Guillermo Lara is here to fight on your behalf. With a scientific and data-driven background, our lawyer examines all of the possible evidence that law enforcement may have against you and aggressively fights to diminish or eliminate the charges against you.

Arrested for DUI with Drugs?

When many people think of what it makes to get a DWI, they think of someone that has gone to the bar, consumed a lot of alcohol, and then got behind the wheel of their vehicle extremely intoxicated. This is definitely one component of driving while intoxicated, but under Texas law, it is illegal for anyone to be under the influence of any substance when driving. Not only does this include alcohol, but also legal and illegal controlled substances. Therefore, someone driving after taking any substance can find themselves facing a criminal charge for DWI.

There are some crucial elements that must be present in order to make a DWI arrest. First, the person that has been accused of driving intoxicated must have been in physical control of the car and while they were under control on the car, were also impaired by some substance in order to be unable to drive similarly to someone that is sober. These substances include illegal controlled substances and legal prescription medications.


Proving that someone has been impaired by drugs can be difficult. For one, unlike alcohol, there is no solid bottom line that needs to be surpassed to be considered impaired. Drugs can have a significantly different impact on each person that consumes them, meaning that someone may not be impaired on these substances.

Additional defenses include:

  • Officer lacked a valid reason to make a traffic stop to begin with
  • Chemical tests used to test for drugs were not properly administered
  • A controlled substance was consumed without the driver’s consent
  • Officer did not follow the proper procedure when making the stop

Depending on the details of your case, any number of additional defenses may apply, which will be important based on the penalties you may be facing as a result. For a first DWI with drug offense in Texas, the sentencing you may be facing includes between 72 hours and 180 days in jail, a $2,000 fine, installation of an ignition interlock device, community service, drug treatment programs, license suspension, and more. If more than one DWI arrest exists on your record, you may be facing additional penalties.

For a free consultation about your drugged driving case or DWI arrests in general, contact the San Antonio lawyer at The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. With a scientific and technical background combined with years of experience defending clients from these allegations, our firm is trusted for those in need of legal defense.

Can You Get a DWI Dismissed in Texas?

Yes, you can dismiss DWI charges in Texas, especially if it's a first-time offense. Hiring an experienced defense attorney for a first-time DWI crime can be removed entirely or lowered to a less severe reckless driving charge.

How Long Is Probation for First Time DWI in Texas?

The length of probation for a first-time DWI offense can go a little as six months to as long as two years in Texas. According to state law, probation is defined as community supervision, meaning the defendant remains in the community and the probation officer supervises the probationer.

DWI Defenses in Texas

Attorney Lara can help you with all types of DWI cases in Texas, including if you need representation during an ALR hearing or if you have been charged with intoxication manslaughter or other serious felony DWIs. By conducting thorough investigations, and utilizing advanced forensic technology, Attorney Lara is capable of finding the defense necessary to help you overcome your DWI charge.

  • These defenses could include:
  • Officer lacked probable cause to pull you over
  • Your rights were violated during the arrest
  • Field sobriety tests were inaccurate
  • Breath test was incorrectly administered
  • Blood test analysis was faulty

Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a DWI?

Even for a first DWI charge, it is imperative that you work with a skilled San Antonio DWI attorney. When you have been accused of driving while intoxicated, you have a lot to lose and in some cases, you could only have 15 days to take action. Not only is your license threatened, but you may find yourself facing:

  • Jail time
  • Extensive fines
  • Community service
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Loss of your professional license

Why Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr.?

Not only has Attorney Lara built up a proven record of success, but he possesses the additional training and technology needed to aggressively fight his clients' DWI charges and build powerful defenses. Attorney Lara is trained in the operation of the Intoxilyzer 5000, and his scientific background includes research at the University of Texas Health Science Center, where he worked with DNA analysis and genotyping.

This provides him with keen insights on the forensic process, enabling him to successfully battle one of the trickiest issues in a DWI case: a failed breath or blood test.

Call Guillermo Lara at (210) 787-2842 today. Retain the proven defense needed to fight your DWI charges!