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Drug Possession & Drug Trafficking Charges

Because federal drug crimes are much more serious than state drug crimes, it can be understandable if you feel isolated or alone at this time. Although you may feel overwhelmed or terrified, you do not have to face-off against the justice system by yourself.

Federal Defense Attorney Lara can be trusted to fight to protect the rights and freedoms of every client that comes to his firm.

Though penalties can range on a case-by-case basis, some penalties may include:

  • Drug Possession Penalties: Fines exceeding $5,000, possible imprisonment sentence not exceeding 20 years, plus additional costs of criminal prosecution.
  • Drug Manufacturing, Dispensing, or Trafficking Penalties: Fines exceeding $8,000,000 for an individual (or $20,000,000 for anyone other than an individual), possible imprisonment sentence for life with no eligibility for parole.
  • Drug Distribution to a Person Under 21 Years of Age: Up to triple the federal penalty for the distribution of drugs.

The Controlled Substances Act: What You Need to Know

According to the Controlled Substances Act, there are various established schedules of controlled substances, drugs, and narcotics.

Prosecutors may use the Controlled Substances Act to not only determine the schedule of drug involved in your federal drug crime charge, but they may also use the Act to determine how your case can be prosecuted.

Depending on the schedule of drug you are found to be possessing, manufacturing, distributing, or trafficking, prosecutors will essentially try to penalize you to the fullest extent that the law.

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