Relentless Criminal Defense.

Tireless Advocates.

Unlike some other law firms, your crimes case will not get left on the desk of indifferent criminal defense attorneys or an underqualified paralegal. TX counselor Lara is prepared to do everything possible within the law to help see to it that one mistake doesn't ruin your life.

Mr. Lara approaches the case of every crime to get a dismissal or fighting to help secure a favorable result. This experience includes finding possible witnesses or contacting the District Attorney almost immediately to nail down key facts.

While some other criminal defense lawyers in the San Antonio area may prolong a case to fatten their paychecks, this is not a concern with this firm.

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Lara charges a flat fee, with everything in writing and upfront. However, he will work to resolve your crimes case as swiftly as possible so you can move on with your life.

Because our law firm is available around-the-clock and offers free consultations, you can find confidence in knowing that you have trusted legal help at a moment's notice.

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