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We understand that people make mistakes and that sometimes, you get punished for the mistakes of others. If you are facing criminal charges, not only can your future be affected, but the well-being of your family can also be affected. We know that criminal charges can be devastating and life-changing. Our firm will listen to you and will provide the support you need and will work to protect your future.

Whatever your circumstances, you can find powerful advocacy with Attorney Lara, a skilled litigator and San Antonio criminal defense attorney prepared to assert your rights and guard your freedom. When your future is on the line, you need nothing less than a tireless advocate that will stop at nothing to obtain your best possible case result.

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Criminal Cases Handled by Attorney Lara

Armed with a background in science, advanced trial technology, and a determination to thoroughly investigate every detail of your case, you can rely on this San Antonio criminal lawyer. Attorney Lara selects his cases with care: if he takes your case, this is his guarantee that you will get his full attention. Not only will he personally investigate your case, going out to visit the scene of the arrest and track down witnesses, but he is also committed to providing responsive service. He understands that this is your future at stake, and you deserve to know how your case is progressing.

Have you already been convicted of a crime? Contact our attorneys to see if you qualify for an expunction!

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When you have been accused of a crime in Texas, it is no joke. The amount of power and resources that goes into prosecuting people for accused crimes means that you need a lawyer that is prepared to take on law enforcement, other attorneys, crime labs, experts, and more. When your future is at stake, you cannot afford to retain the services of a San Antonio criminal defense attorney that is not prepared to fight for you until the end, or even worse, not hire a lawyer at all.

As his firm has handled hundreds of cases, Attorney Lara thoroughly understands what it takes to secure a dismissal or other optimal result. More importantly, he is dedicated to his practice and the future of the clients he serves. He has the passion and legal skill to tenaciously defend your rights at every stage of your case.

Our firm will listen to your concerns and will work with you through your case, step by step! Schedule a consultation today!

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Levels the Playing Field for You

With your freedom at stake, you have no time to waste. Learn more about the powerful defense you can expect when you contact Attorney Lara today! You will need to take action before prosecutors begin building a case against you. Attorney Lara will look into all available records, hire a private investigator, and get to work filing motions to fight the evidence collected by the prosecutor. Call (210) 787-2842 to get started on your defense.

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