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Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • Frank Mata Field at the Edgewood Veteran's Sports Complex: A Victory For All

    Sports has the power to accomplish great things. It can break down the thickest barriers that divide us from one another. Over fifty years ago, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente gave us a vision of a society where people are judged on their abilities, hard work, and perseverance. Just last week, Michael Sam, a football player from the University of Missouri, became the first NFL prospect to ...
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  • New Weapon in the Fight Against Wrongful Convictions

    One day you are approached by a Detective and he questions you about a criminal investigation. You’re a suspect in a murder but you know you didn’t do it. You tell your attorney, your family, and the police. You’re forced to take this case to trial. The jury ultimately convicts you with the evidence presented but years down the line technology changes. This new technology is applied and it ...
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  • Reduce San Antonio DWI Fines & Penalties

    If you plead guilty or if you are convicted when fighting a Texas DWI arrest, here are some things to consider. Even if this is your first-time DWI, DUI, or drunk driving conviction, the consequences can be very serious and negatively impact your life. Special attention should be taken if you have prior Texas DWI drunk driving-related convictions on your record. When fighting a first, second, ...
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