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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • What Happens If I Was With a Friend in Possession of Marijuana?

    It’s a scenario that isn’t hard to imagine. You drive to pick up a friend of yours needing a ride, and with the radio blaring, roll through a stop sign. A police officer sees this and immediately pulls over your car. After looking at you and your passenger up and down, he asks you to get out of the car on suspicion of marijuana possession. You know you don’t have anything on you, but you’re not so ...
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  • Texas Laws on Criminal Statute of Limitations

    One of the fundamental rights that anyone accused of a crime in the United States has is the right to a swift and fair trial under the law. There are numerous ways that this can be accomplished, but one of the most frequent ways that this is established is by ensuring that evidence remains untampered and key witnesses are able to accurately remember the event in question. Statute of limitations ...
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