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  • Arrested For DWI With Drugs?

    When many people think of what it makes to get a DWI , they think of someone that has gone to the bar, consumed a lot of alcohol, and then got behind the wheel of their vehicle extremely intoxicated. This is definitely one component of driving while intoxicated, but under Texas law, it is illegal for anyone to be under the influence of any substance when driving. Not only does this include ...
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  • What Happens If I Was With a Friend in Possession of Marijuana?

    It’s a scenario that isn’t hard to imagine. You drive to pick up a friend of yours needing a ride, and with the radio blaring, roll through a stop sign. A police officer sees this and immediately pulls over your car. After looking at you and your passenger up and down, he asks you to get out of the car on suspicion of marijuana possession. You know you don’t have anything on you, but you’re not so ...
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