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If you are facing federal criminal charges, you need an attorney that understands the difference between the state and the federal system. A federal crime is any that violates a federal law, occurs between states, or on federal property, such as in a national park. Federal crimes are investigated by numerous agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and more. With so much working against you, you need a criminal defense attorney that can best represent your interests in court.

Facing federal criminal charges? You need aggressive criminal defense as soon as possible. Give our San Antonio federal criminal defense lawyer a call to learn how he can help you during this difficult time!

You will absolutely need an attorney to defend your rights when you are a suspect in a federal crime. Federal court involves a vastly different set of rules and procedures governing how criminal charges are taken care of. You need to know what you are up against and the penalties you are facing. Attorney Lara can act as a guide.

What is the difference between federal and state charges?

The federal system is rigid and well-funded. Unlike the state system, most federal investigations are well developed. By the time the case has been filed against you, the attorney for the United States has worked with several agencies to develop the case against you.

A federal case is more serious because:

  • Prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys that have significant time to dedicate to the case, meaning the accused has been investigated for weeks or longer.
  • Overseen by United States Magistrate Judges and United States District Judges.
  • Handled in federal district court, which has less cases, a deliberate schedule and nearly never dismisses a case for an unprepared prosecutor.
  • Conditions of release and supervision of an officer can accompany a bail payment.
  • Juries are pulled from the district of the court, not necessarily the same county, meaning that jurors will be more diverse than in state court.
  • Federal sentencing guidelines, not state sentencing, govern your punishment, which are oftentimes more severe.

If you have found yourself facing federal criminal charges or federal drug crime charges you need an experienced San Antonio federal criminal defense attorney to give you your best chance of being released on bond and increase your chances of beating the case.

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Attorney Lara Can Defend You Against Federal Charges

There are numerous defenses available to those that have been brought up on federal criminal changes. Our attorney will scour the detail of your case, look over all possible evidence, and make sure that your rights are being protected throughout the process.

Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr. will be there every step of the way to provide you answers and results. We handle ALL federal crimes and provide free consultations.