Why Legislation Interferes With a San Antonio Strip Club Dancer's Rights?

It’s my body and I can show it if I want to, right? We recently spoke to a San Antonio entertainer about the restrictive nature of legislation and what she had to say resonates with most entertainers in San Antonio.

The human body is beautiful, why should we hide it?

However, restrictive San Antonio legislation is in play that prevents a woman from displaying the most beautiful parts of her body, her breasts. The controversy started with a 2003 ordinance that regulated gentleman’s clubs. Following some litigation surrounding that ordinance, the City of San Antonio followed up with a 2005 ordinance that prohibited nude and topless dancing in public places and required businesses to seek permits as “human display establishments.” This led to more litigation and in 2009, the club owners sued again arguing that the ordinance violated their right to free speech. The litigation reached the fourth court of appeals and they said that the restriction was essential to the city’s (San Antonio’s) interest in public places. The case points out that San Antonio clubs started to have dancers wear pasties to avoid being completely nude and to avoid having to get permits. That’s when the city of San Antonio amended the ordinance in 2012 to include semi-nudity in the permit requirement.

So what’s the big deal with restricting a woman’s right to bare her assets? Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and place, but it doesn’t hurt anyone. In my opinion, lawmakers try to find ways to generate revenue and find it easy to tack on another requirement for hard working woman like San Antonio Entertainers. Just like a woman is allowed to make a decision on having an abortion, why shouldn’t a woman be allowed to make a harmless decision to show her body? At the end of the day, it’s their body and they should be allowed to show it without the restriction. San Antonio entertainers agree that the human body is beautiful and being forced to hide it should be a crime.

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