Gideon's Army: A Film Representing Criminal Defenders

The television personas we see representing attorneys are not reality, and the idea that every attorney is sporting a Rolex is farfetched. Movies provide a glimpse of what may be real, but the truth is most attorneys are overworked and underpaid. Movie plots are pretty much like all attorneys- “a dime a dozen.” An attorney, like everyone else, is chasing a dream. A dream that few seldom achieve. A dream that may never be but provides the drive to serve each and every person that trusts in him. This article focuses on a television drama that may provide a better understanding of what a criminal attorney goes through.

Inspirational/Educational Film Recommendation: Gideon’s Army

There aren’t very many professions that are covered in as much mystery as the legal profession. For one thing, some lucky people will never find themselves in a situation where they need legal representation. Another thing is that a lot of people develop their perceptions about lawyers from films and television shows. The problem here is that these sources sometimes paint a misleading portrait of the life of an attorney and/or their clients. This isn’t to say that movies can’t be good source of inspiration for practicing attorneys, however. Many practicing attorneys might say that they decided to become lawyers after watching great movies like “ To Kill a Mockingbird“ or “ My Cousin Vinny.” But even the most inspiring movies can have a feeling of being so awesome that they’re just too unreal. So what movie about the legal profession would we recommend that is both accurate and inspiring? Here’s our answer: Gideon’s Army.

Gideon’s Army” was released by HBO films earlier this year. The film profiles several attorneys working as public defenders in the South. Public defenders are attorneys that are employed by public entities, usually counties, to assist clients who can not afford to hire an attorney. The movie’s title comes from the 1963 Supreme Court case, Gideon v. Wainwright ,which the Court held that state courts are required to provide counsel for criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney on their own. What sets this film apart from other films about lawyers, other than that it is a documentary, is that it tells a story about the criminal legal system from the perspectives of clients as well as attorneys. What is so inspirational about the film is that, even after it takes all the glamor and prestige out of the equation, you still end up admiring what these people do for a living.

So if you’re a non-attorney and you’re curious about what it is that criminal attorneys do, watch this film. If you are a Criminal Attorney and you just need something to remind you of why your work is so important, watch this film. The film is available on HBO Go and on DVD. The website for the film can be found here.

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