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White collar crimes are difficult for many reasons. Firstly, the cases always rely heavily on documentation and interpretation of financial information. If there isn't enough documentation to support a strong defense, your lawyer must be knowledgeable of alternative defense strategies to make sure that your rights are protected.

At the Guillermo Lara Law Firm, we have a proven track record representing individuals in state and federal court facing white collar crime charges. We recognize our clients need help mitigating the consequences of a criminal offense and work diligently to reach a favorable outcome.

Guillermo Lara offers dedicated criminal defense representation and makes sure that your case is handled with professionalism. We work to preserve your reputation and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Pointed Advice for Complex White Collar Crimes

All instances are unique when it comes to white collar crimes. In fact, some of our clients did not even realize they committed a crime. Whatever your situation is, we can stick by you.

Attorney Guillermo Lara handles cases involving:

  • Fraud - deception for the purpose of illegal gain, usually financial
  • Insurance fraud - to defraud the insurance process, whether from the side of the insurer or the insured
  • Check fraud- to illegally write checks in order to to withdraw funds that are not available
  • Credit card fraud - the act of committing fraud by the use of a credit card or credit card number for financial gain
  • Bank fraud- the use of illegal methods to obtain money, assets or other property owned by a financial institution
  • Embezzlement - the act of an employee stealing funds from their employer
  • Money laundering - to conceal the illegal obtaining of money, usually by way of passing through a large number of bank transactions or business transactions
  • Identity theft - to knowingly use another person's identity for the purpose of benefiting from that person, usually financially
  • Extortion - to obtain something, usually money, by way of threat or force
  • Bribery - to give or receive something of value in return for an action or influence
  • Blackmail - to threaten the exposure of a person's private information for the purpose of gain
  • Unemployment fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and more

Being convicted of a white collar crime can damage your professional reputation, ruin your future and may even exclude you from future benefits or job considerations. The sooner you retain the services of the Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr., the sooner we can begin defending your rights. Guillermo Lara is highly knowledgeable of complex federal laws involving white collar crimes and is a seasoned, respected trial lawyer.

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