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What Is Considered Identity Theft in Texas?

Using another person’s private information without their permission is illegal in Texas. Whether that is through applying for someone else’s credit card offer or stealing a person’s PIN and taking money from their bank account, these are serious charges that threaten harsh consequences if convicted. If you were charged with this offense, make sure you have an experienced San Antonio identity theft lawyer on your side who can fight for you. With hundreds of cases handled, The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. is prepared to take your side.

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Is Identity Theft a Federal Crime?

Identity theft can be difficult to detect. In most cases, the offense occurs long before a victim notices something is wrong. This means that by the time a victim is ready to bring charges, the evidence against the accused can seem overwhelming. Because of the extensive damage that can occur from these crimes, they are considered federal charges that can come with devastating criminal consequences.

The good news is that you have legal options. Being accused of a crime doesn’t make you a criminal, and The Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. can help you tell your side of the story to avoid losing out on a hopeful future.

Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr. can explore objections such as:

  • Having been directed to unlawfully use information without knowing its origins
  • Unlawfully using information unknowingly
  • Fighting for charges that better suit the alleged offense

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An identity theft charge has the potential to destroy a person’s life. Along with prison and fines, you will have the added difficulty of a criminal record following you around for years to come. When viewed by potential employers, landlords, or loan officers, a criminal record can negatively affect your opportunities.

The sooner Attorney Guillermo Lara Jr. can begin building your case, the better his chances will be of obtaining a favorable outcome for your situation. He can examine the charges and evidence against you to identify mistakes made during your arrest, possibly resulting in reduced or even dropped charges.

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